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Thursday, December 8, 2011 @ 04:12 PM
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Charlotte North Carolina is at Risk of Radon and Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion CharlotteAre you aware that Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the hot spots for radon and vapor intrusion? It’s more likely that your home is contaminated with a radioactive gas known as radon if you live in this area. Arrange to have your home tested for vapor intrusion, and then if need be follow up with radon mitigation procedures if necessary.

Radon is formed as uranium breaks down beneath the earth’s surface. It builds up continually, searching for a way to escape the confines of the earth. It filters through the cracks and fissures that have formed in the ground until it reaches a point of escape. In some cases, this gas may be able to escape directly into the atmosphere where it quickly diffuses. In other cases, it enters the homes located in Charlotte, North Carolina and contaminates interior air with poisonous, deadly fumes that can cause lung cancer. This is vapor intrusion at its worst. In fact, since the atmospheric differences between a building and the ground is so great, it is almost as though your home is sucking that deadly gas through the foundation cracks, ground-level windows, and holes in the building walls.

Since radon is odorless, you can’t use your nose to discover its presence. Since it is colorless, you can’t see it either. The only viable option your have to determine whether or not your home is a victim of vapor intrusion is to bring in a radon mitigation specialist to test your home.

Undergoing Vapor Intrusion Radon Mitigation in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you have been told that your home needs radon mitigation due to vapor intrusion, then it has probably tested for levels higher than 4 pCI/L (picocuries per liter). This is the level determined by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to be a safe level for humans. While there are several strategies that can be implemented for radon mitigation, the best option is to use the active soil depressurization method. Once this method is in place, the atmospheric pressure between your home and the ground is balanced, eliminating the vacuum that encouraged vapor intrusion to occur.

Locating a qualified vapor intrusion and radon mitigation specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina is an important part of eliminating this environmental contaminate from your building. After all, you want to bring in the best qualified team of radon mitigation specialists to complete the work for you. Search for a company that has been working in the community for a number of years. Ask for references. Find out whether or not they have their own radon mitigation equipment. Once you have all of that information, you should be able to determine just how qualified they are to conduct vapor intrusion radon mitigation strategies in your Charlotte, North Carolina home.