Air Purification Systems – Charlotte, North Carolina

UV Air Purification Systems in Charlotte, North Carolina

Air Purification Charlotte North CarolinaTake a deep breath. Are you in your home or office in Charlotte, North Carolina? That breath you took contains 1,000 more pollutants than if you took a deep breath outdoors in the middle of town. If your job keeps you indoors, then you’re breathing that kind of air 70% of the time. You can breathe easier very soon in Charlotte, North Carolina with a new way of purifying the air.

Charlotte, North Carolina experiences all sorts of weather. Chances are your home or office is shut up tight most of the year. Most HVAC systems do not draw air from the outside and push old air out. They recirculate the same air over and over again. The answer is not simply to open the windows. Filters can’t possibly catch everything. The best method to purify indoor air is by ultraviolet (UV) sterilization.

What is the Ultraviolet Air Purification System?

A UV air purification system works by zapping impurities as they pass through the heating and cooling system. A UV air purification system in your home in Charlotte, North Carolina can be installed on the HVAC unit you are already using. Once installed, UV targets 99.9% of all airborne contaminants, including:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • allergens
  • dust mites
  • mold spores
  • germs
  • other microorganisms

Charlotte, North Carolina residents, stop spraying toxic chemicals in your home during flu season! You will never need another filter. UV air purification systems are the most effective systems for air available – even more than ionization. Get the technology that hospitals use, and breathe the cleanest air possible in your Charlotte, North Carolina. Call S.W.A.T Environmental today for an air purification quote.