Charlotte, NC Air Quality Index

Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 07:10 PM
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Charlotte, NC Air Quality in Question

Charlotte, NC Indoor Air QualityIf you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, air quality has probably not been much of a concern. According to new research, there are 2 million deaths annually due to poor indoor air quality. This means that even though you cannot see or smell pollution, your Charlotte home may be in serious danger.

The scary part about air quality in Charlotte, NC is that many citizens are not aware of this serious threat at hand. Because pollutants often cannot be seen, smelt, or known without testing, it is fortunate that the EPA has created a scale to better monitor levels of pollutants throughout Charlotte and the United States.

You may be thinking that you do not need to worry about air quality, or read further for that matter, but I would bet that someone in your family is at an elevated risk. Those with preexisting lung conditions are at a greater risk for adverse effects from poor air quality in Charlotte. Children with developing lungs, and those of us who spend a good portion of our time outdoors are at a greater risk as well. The bottom line is that many of us Charlotte residents are at an elevated risk of shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, asthma, increased likelihood of illness due to pollutants killing white blood cells in your lungs, or even permanent lung damage due to poor air quality.

Air Quality Index of Charlotte

The air quality index is the scale that the EPA created to inform us of the overall air quality. This scale takes into factor four major contaminates and sums them up into one number. Although the scale runs from 0 to 500, only levels below 50 are considered safe for everyone. Charlotte residents should keep a close eye on the air quality index to judge whether or not you should go outside. If levels are above 200, this indicates a health risk for everyone exposed, meaning to stay inside if you can.

Of course staying inside your Charlotte home is only a good alternative if the air quality in your Charlotte home is safe. Take into consideration whether or not your home has been infested with dangerous radon gas. Radon gas can occur in nearly any home without anyone knowing. Forming from uranium in the soil, radon gas may enter your home in a variety of ways, and in turn cause lung cancer and death.

Take action for your Charlotte home this month by scheduling a radon test, and installing an air purification system. Air purification systems provide the reduction of pollutants that your Charlotte home needs to reduce your health risks from poor air quality. Our certified technicians with years of experience, decades of knowledge from the industry, and proven methods have been shown to reduce levels of radon gas by as much as 99%. Stop worrying of possible health risks, and start breathing fresh air in your Charlotte home.

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