Waterborne Radon Reduction – Charlotte, North Carolina

Waterborne Radon Reduction Systems in Charlotte, North Carolina

Why should you have your water tested for radon in your home in Charlotte, North Carolina? If you have had your home’s air quality tested for radon, you should also consider testing for waterborne radon, even if air tests were negative. If tests results show your Charlotte, North Carolina home has dangerous levels of radon, consider our services for radon mitigation systems and certified installation.

How does waterborne radon enter my home through water in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Waterborne Radon CharlotteEven if you didn’t need radon mitigation for air quality in your Charlotte, North Carolina home, radon can enter through the water if:

  • Your home in Charlotte, North Carolina uses well water
  • The water contacts radon from contaminated soil in the underground water table.

Radon is a radioactive gas, indiscernible without testing, and although it is a natural element in the earth, exposure to radon can have dangerous long-term health consequences. Every time your family comes into contact with waterborne radon through taking showers, brushing teeth, or washing hands, they are exposed to this radioactive element. A radon mitigation system will remove the danger, your family will be protected, and the value of your Charlotte, North Carolina home will be preserved.

A qualified waterborne radon mitigator (or, contractor) will follow several steps to determine the best waterborne radon reduction system for your Charlotte, North Carolina home. He will perform several specialized tests for radon levels and other contaminants. The results of these tests will help determine which system will work best for your Charlotte, North Carolina home: aeration, or granular activated carbon (GAC). A good radon mitigation specialist will also take into consideration the layout of your home and property in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with your preferences, before deciding on the best location to install the preferred system.

If you have need of a radon mitigation contractor to install a waterborne radon mitigation system in Charlotte, North Carolina, please consider our company. We have the trained and certified radon mitigation specialists experienced with waterborne radon reduction systems and installation in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the sophisticated equipment and tools to make the job run smoothly, with satisfying results for your family and Charlotte, North Carolina home.